Christmas 2021

Available in icing and wafer card, precut to 1.5", 2" and 2.5" circles

If you'd like a higher quantity please get in touch by email for a quote

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Rice Card:
++ Study so this is great if you need the image to stand upright on a cupcake for example
++ Tough enough to be held with a peg on the side of a glass
++ Can be used on cocktails or hot drinks, they will not dissolve into the drink
- - the printing quality is not as good as icing. If the image is dense in colour the print may bubble when printed. If the print you would like is not available in rice card, this will be the reason why

++ Print quality of icing is much higher, any image can be printed regardless of colour density. 
++ The icing is flexible and it can mold to the side or top of a cake. If you'd like to place it flat on a buttercream cupcake, it is recommended to use a disc of fondant icing under the print to keep the shape 
++Excellent quality for foam cocktails or hot drinks, the icing will dissolve into the drink once stirred. 
++ Suitable for toppers on  fizz / sparkling drinks, the longevity is not quite as good as foam drinks
- - Not suitable to be pegged to size of glasses